Continuous Breach and Simulation Attack Platform

Detecteam enables you to discover attacks you cannot detect

Supported Technologies

The DETECTEAM SaaS Platform

Detecteam enables you to run Continuous Security Validation (CSV) from a large Attack Library that is constantly updated and customizable.

Easy to Use

Detecteam does not interact with any equipment. Select amongst existing attack scenarios or create your own. Get Data right away!s et leo.

Fast Generation

Get the custom Attack Data Footprint in seconds. Test your Software Resilience right away.


Schedule the Attack Data as you like. Make sure you can detect attacks regularly, or when you just installed a new equipment.

How It Works

Use our Attack Scenarios library to improve your organization’s Security Posture.

Large Attack Library

Detecteam offers an up-to-date Attack Library which you can use, customize or create your own.

Schedule the Attack data ingestion

You want a Phishing Attack sent to your Log Management solution every Monday? no problem! Schedule it your way, and send it right away!

Accurate Reporting

Know what is being detected and what is not. Helpful to keep detection consistency when migrating your SIEM/SOAR/XDR.


What We Do ?

We translate attack descriptions (Adversary Tactics, Techniques and Procedures, known as TTP) into a scenario for automation. We generate attacker data footprint and can push this data to your log management systems without interacting with any equipment.

Fully SaaS. Get started quickly

Nothing to install in your infrastructure. Simply get an account to get started.

Access to our Attack Library

Want to test a particular Attack? Get it from our library and run the data.

Customize Attack Scenarios

Create your custom attacks and run them continuously.

Keep testing your connection

Keep detecting attacks even if changing your SIEM/SOAR/XDR.

Contact us

Let’s start the conversation ! We are happy to provide you guidance to help improve your Security Posture.

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